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0. General Morphology

1. Brain - Mind
2. Communication
3. Organization
4. Processes
5. Methodology

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We co-operate with:
- Swiss Morpholog. Society AMG
- Swedish Morphological Society
- Chamber of Commerce
transparent Kitchener Waterloo
- Academy of Mgmt, Pace Univ.
- MINT Innovation, McMaster Univ.
- CITO Communications and
--Information Technology ON
- Creativity Consortium Tor.
- German Canadian Business
-- and Professional Association
- IVEY West. ON Univ. Alumni
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Morphological Institute Canada -- Researching Practical Innovation
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- Benefits in using Systematic Innovation, S.I.
- System Explanation - General (Creative) Morphology
- Methodical Problem Solving - Example go to 9 points explanation
- Systematic Innovation - Features and characteristics
- How CanMor does it for you - Inhouse Services
- Practical Results - Not believing is hurting yourself
- TRIZ and ASIP from Russia - Fitting it into Creative Morphology, S.I.
space Detailed seminar descriptions, English / Deutsch.
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- Morphological Thinking - in slow business English - winter 2005-2006 in Costa Rica New stuff
- Download PowerPoint and text files, English, deutsch
- The Art of Trying -course description, pdf New stuff
- Intellectual Capital Series More Products / Services Descriptions, listing
- Customer Attraction Program - pdf - Intellectual Capital Series (English)enlightening bulbGerman
- Fast Inventing Seminars - Intellectual Capital Growth (English)enlightening bulbGerman
- Instant Inventor Workshop - One day enlightening bulb English
- Patent Review Workshop.pdf  -  One day New stuff  English
- Workshop Discounts
- Quick-Click Inquiry Form - Anfrageformular Klicker
- Addresses, contacts - America and Europe
- Press Releases, Pressemeldungen - America & Europa

+ space You want to know more about CanMor - Here it is
- What they said - Clients, suppliers, companies. References
- Outstanding Award - text download award image - 1 megabyte zip file image Academy link:Academy of Management - Management and Education Development
- Statements and citations - Morphology of anything
+ __ Download documents for off-line reading / viewing
- Printable and PowerPoint documents - In Microsoft format
- Morphology Assisted Design - Morphology Software
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Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.
Peter Drucker.
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