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Intellectual Capital Growth
Emil Zahner, innovation coach
Emil Zahner
on inventing
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Learning To Invent
with guarantee, see below
The Art of Fast Systematic Inventing
A practice seminar for professionals in marketing, export / import, design and construction / development, organisation, planning, managers, owners. Invent new and better products (systems), services, and other solutions in any field. Inventing own business when challenged by job loss.
  • Inventing costs little, marketing is expensive.
  • Support marketing by
    Best Product Strategy.
  • Patents slow down progress, cost much, and support the biggies.
  • Enhancing, improving (manufacturing, function) is often less expensive than a new invention.
What you will learn in this seminar:
  • Decide on what to invent - it has got to make money.
  • To patent or not to patent?
  • How to avoid the danger of a slow innovation process.
  • How to invent fast while reducing error rate.
  • How to convert the pressure of competitors into fuel for your invention.
  • How to get past the competitors.
  • How to research for and recognize the real needs in a market.
  • How to measure your current range against today's and tomorrow's market.
  • Recognize whether a product or service needs to be improved, replaced, or invented.
  • How you buy similar existing solutions with little capital..
  • Parallel inventing - subsystems and moduls.
  • How to define what to invent and its interfaces.
  • The secret of turnover multiplicators.
  • How to bypass invention / innovation stoppers - including your management.
  • How to get support from your employees in the ever changing business environment.
  • How to differentiate between innovation talk and innovation action.
  • Hot to recognize useless, costly innovation "action" .
  • How to recognize and avoid time wasting creativity sessions.
  • How to change originally good, yet degenerated methods into power tools.
The Coach:
Emil Zahner, Canadian and Swiss, with many years practice in North America and even more years in Europe. He is owner of the Morphological Institute Canada, CanMor Systematic Innovations, both in Ontario, and Canmor Innovation, in Germany. He is practising designer / inventor / innovator with international activity, and marketing specialist of technology products. His main activity is leading innovation teams and training in inventing.
Fast and safe decision technique can be learned by anyone with a good education. The well proven system enhances learning and adapting within every professional activity. It is being used by large and small companies / organizations and taught at certain business schools within the MBA program.
Seminar duration and more information
Public 2 ½ day standard seminar. Public 1 day.
Private seminars held internally: Clients tend to buy a 3 day seminar. We integrate organizational goals. One day seminars are later used for repetitions and to instruct new innovators.
Seminars on behalf: We are co-operative, please use email to inquire.
Success guarantee is available with internal 3 day seminars, to some extent also with public seminars.
Check out for special bonus.
Date and time (cost): unless marked as confirmed any public seminar is up to cancellation when insufficient number of participants register.

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